"Copy The Exact Same Method Jackie Used
To Lose 12 Pounds & Strip 4 Inches From
Her Waist In Just 5 Weeks & I Used To
Get The Best Body Of My Life At Age 40"

Hi, I’m Muz Hughes and I have a ‘very different’ weight loss formula made of 4 very specific, interconnecting techniques to share with you right now.

Jackie used this same 4-step formula you’re about to discover to drop 12 pounds of fat from her butt, thighs and belly and lose 4 inches from her waist in just 5 weeks.

Even though the formula Jackie used took almost a year of my life to research, I’ll show you on this page what each step is and how you use it… something I’ve never done before and won’t be doing for much longer, so watch it to the end now because this video may come down at the end of the day.

"What You Can Expect From This Advice"

If you start using the formula today, the typical result you experience is to lose 3-10lbs of fat in the first 7 days and then consistently lose another 2-3lbs every week until you have the body you want…

..because this is advice that actually works.

"My Results.."

In just 90 days after I began experimenting the formula on myself, my strange-methods slashed 20.5lbs of fat off my body, shrunk 5 inches off my waist and got me a rippling 6-pack for the first time in my life, at age 40.

I could have lost more but by day 90 I had no fat left to lose, it was all gone!

"What I Didn't Do To Get These Impressive Results"

And I did it:

  • Without counting calories because I used a super simple method for measuring portions perfect for your body size.
  • Without going hungry because when you eat the right foods at the right time you can a lot and still lose weight.
  • Without any weight loss supplements because I lost the weight so quickly I didn’t need them.
  • And without a single second of cardio because I used a much more effective fat-loss exercise instead.

In fact, every person that has ever followed my 4-step formula has gotten the best weight loss result of their life.


"Who Am I?"

I’m a genuine university qualified scientist, specializing in human anatomy, human physiology and human biomechanics.

And after 5 years of struggling and failing at weight loss I became so frustrated with the diet industry I decided to find out for myself why the heck it wasn’t working.

I ignored the diet magazines and guru programs that had repeatedly let me down and turned instead to scientific journals to find what science has actually proven to work.

What I’ve developed is ground-breaking and will be the new direction of weight loss because it’s a water-tight approach to losing weight which plugs the big holes usually found in diet programs.

"Why You Failed At Weight Loss In The Past"

Imagine your weight loss program as a boat carrying you to the opposite shore, where you’ll have the thin body you want.

But how many times have you set sail on your weight loss program only to sink before you reach your goal?

In the past 5 years my boat sank EVERY time, even when I thought I was doing everything right… does that sound familiar?

I now know, its because my weight loss boat was always full of holes, meaning I was destined to sink before I even set-off and I guarantee if you’ve been following popular diet advice, its been the same for you.

Popular weight loss advice only focuses on a single, limited aspect, which is your body through diet and exercise and quite often even that part is wrong.

But to be successful, we must have a broader view of what is making us fat because we don’t live in a vacuum and it’s almost infantile of program designers to presume we’re completely unaffected by other factors besides our diet and activity level.

If you don’t believe me then consider this: Long term studies of dieters show as little as only 3% of people keep the weight off after a diet ends.

I realize these types of statistics are thrown around too often but I’m not just repeating what I heard someone else say. I’ve personally read the research and as you can see in the references below, many research scientists have found the same result.

"There is No Getting Around It...Diets Fail. If You Want To Be
Successful, You Need a Diet That Addresses The Very Issues
Causing The Failure, That's Exactly What I Created"

Nothing speaks louder about the failure of body-focused weight loss programs than statistics like these. I’ve failed, you’ve probably failed and I’m betting like me, you have friends and family that have failed too.

Programs limiting their focus to just the body, DON’T work, period. You may lose a few pounds but just a couple of months later you’ve put it all back on again.. sound familiar?

"What You Need In A Weight
Loss Program To Be Successful"

For a weight loss program to be effective it has to address EVERYTHING contributing to your weight gain.

I know that sounds outrageous and impossible but its actually quite simple because EVERYTHING contributing to your weight gain can be neatly broken into just 3 factors:

  • 1.   Your body through food and exercise
  • 2.   Your mind
  • 3.   Your environment

It’s obvious why we need the body factor, which is diet and exercise, so I won’t explain that further.

But let me explain why your weight loss program needs to address your “Mind” if you want to succeed.

"Why Weight Loss Must Address
Your Mind If You Want To Succeed"

Research has shown, every day you’re bombarded with 3000 advertising messages encouraging you to make bad decisions like:

  • Eat processed or fast food instead of preparing a healthy meal at home
  • Drink high calorie soda instead of water
  • Watch cable TV, blu-ray or play Wii instead of being active
  • Work more to buy a bigger car, bigger house, better stuff instead of taking more time for yourself

If you don’t get your mental game under your control, then its very unlikely you’ll reach your weight loss goals because every one of these advertising messages is chipping away at your motivation and trying to break your will.

"Elite Athletes Know This Truth"

You will not find an elite athlete in any sport in the world that doesn’t do some form of mental training because they know, relying on skill alone, which is the body aspect of their sport, is not enough to take them all the way to their goal.

Ask yourself this:

“How many times have you given up on a diet before you reached your goal?”

You’ve probably already proven to yourself, staying motivated is a real challenge and since motivation is a product of the mind, we must do some mental training to develop and maintain the motivation needed to get the weight loss result you want.

That’s the first hole in your boat plugged.

"How Your Environment (Job, Relationships,
Traffic etc) Is Adding To Your Weight Problems "

Now let’s talk about the second and last hole in your weight loss boat, which is your “Environment” and by that I mean your job, your family, your relationships and your everyday activities like driving in rush hour traffic.

Continuing with the previous example, elite athletes know to achieve peak performance they must put themselves in an environment which allows them to be completely stress and distraction free, so 100% of their physical and mental energy can be preserved for practice and play.

That’s why every team in the NFL, which is the richest, most professional sporting competition in the world has a pre-season training camp.

Unfortunately in the real world, most of us can’t take 6 weeks off work and go to a weight loss boot camp.

In fact we can’t control our environment very much at all and I don’t recommend you try.

Instead, its important we manage the negative effects of our hectic environment and if you haven’t already guessed I’m talking about stress.

"Stress Is Making You Fat... Its PROVEN"

As a result of findings from dozens of research projects from the past 10 years, its now accepted as fact by the science and medical communities that chronic unmanaged stress is a major contributor your weight problems.

"It Can't Be Denied, Science Has Proven Stress
Makes You Fat... If You Don't Manage Your Stress,
Fat Loss Will Always Be A STRUGGLE"

A direct relationship between chronic unmanaged stress and obesity has been proven to exist:

 As your stress goes up, so does your rate of weight gain.

"How Stress Is Making You Fatter"

If you’re wondering why, then listen to this:

  • Chronic unmanaged stress unbalances your hormonal system
  • Which decreases your metabolism
  • Increases fat production in your liver
  • Increases storage capacity of your fat cells
  • Creates sweet food cravings and
  • Decreases your will power

That’s a lethal combination of effects.

"How To Stop Stress Making You Fatter"

But the good news is, you don’t need to remove yourself from your stressful environment to succeed at weight loss. In fact, when I put myself through the 4-Step Formula I was and still am a full-time single father and running my own company with 3 full-time employees and hundreds of customers.

I eat stress for breakfast but I take regular time throughout the week to manage my stress and that’s the key:

  • "Managing your stress"

…because when your stress is unmanaged, the hormonal balance of your body works against your efforts to lose weight and you either make very slow progress or get nowhere at all.

"How You Can Benefit From My Research"

Using these principles we just discussed, the 4-step formula I designed is a very practical system made for real men and women of any age, with average or worse genetics to get a sexy, flat tummy.

"I call my formula, the “4-Step Formula For Losing Weight Fast”
because that name describes it perfectly."

"Sorry, No Magic Pills"

Before we go on, I want to be honest and make it clear that the 4-Step Formula will require a commitment of effort from you. There are already too many weight loss products promising amazing results for no effort, which is never going to happen.

If you’re looking for a magic solution to your weight problems that requires no effort, then I’m sorry, my formula is not for you.

"The 4 Steps Of My Formula
& How You Do Them"

So as promised, here are the 4 techniques you’ll discover in your copy of the “4-Step Formula For Losing Weight Fast” which when combined, result in the most dramatic weight loss you’ve ever experienced.

While you listen, keep an open mind & avoid comparing it to traditional weight loss advice because as we’ve seen, traditional advice is riddled with concepts that don’t work.

– I show you how to reverse your body’s build-up of fat by bringing your blood-sugar level under control. It’s the only step you do every day.

I’ve read hundreds of pages of research on this and controlling your blood sugar is hands-down, the most effective weight loss strategy known to science because every time you have too much sugar in your blood, insulin removes it, your liver converts it to fat and then its stored around your waist.

That’s the #1 fat-making process of your body, so stop that happening and you stop getting fatter.

Controlling your blood sugar is the engine of the 4-Step Formula and it doesn’t involve calorie counting or going hungry.

To make it as easy as possible, I give you lists of suitable foods, tell you what portions of carbs, fats and proteins to eat, provide 59 recipes for every meal of the day and even a 4 day meal plan to get you started.

– I show you how to use exercise to dramatically increase your body’s fat burning.

This is the accelerator of the 4-Step Formula.

There’s a misconception that the harder the exercise or the more you sweat then the more weight you’re losing but that’s actually incorrect.

The true indicator of how much weight you lose from exercise is how long after you finish exercising, does your body continue to burn more calories than usual.

It may be hard for you to believe but cardio performs very poorly in this regard.

However, there is one exercise type that increases calorie burning for days after, outperforming all other exercises with less effort and that’s what you use in my formula.

In fact, you’ll find programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced with step-by-step instructions, professional illustrations and muscle charts showing which part of your body is being exercised.

Tyler, who you saw earlier, only used the first Steps 1 and 2 to get his impressive results.

– Create the ideal chemical environment in your body for Steps 1 and 2 to work effectively by managing your stress.

I show you multiple techniques for managing your stress including a step-by-step meditation guide, which I’ve been doing for over 15 years.

You just choose the technique you prefer.

This step is like your pit crew, making sure everything is running smoothly so you get the best return on your efforts.

– I show you how to use self-image therapy to build and maintain motivation until you reach your goals, which takes about 5 minutes in the morning while you brush your hair or clean your teeth.

This step makes sure your tank never runs out of gas.

Let explain further why its so important

I borrowed this concept from the weight loss surgery industry because of the dramatic success they get with it.

Change your self-image to that of a motivated, slim and healthy person and your habits, decisions and lifestyle will also change to match WITHOUT struggle.

Don’t make the mistake of under-estimating this step. Weight loss surgery comes with a price tag of $20,000 and the risk of death so the high caliber academics developing that industry do extensive research to guarantee the success of their patients.

"That's It... Simple"

So that’s the formula and there is nothing horrible I’m not telling you about, that’s it.

Simple but very, very effective

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"Sounds To Good To Be True?"

You may be thinking “it all seems too good to be true” which I totally understand so below you’ll also find the Table of Contents of the 4-Step Formula For Losing Weight Fast.

I recommend you click through it and see for yourself just how packed the manual is with cutting edge, fat-stripping advice.

I truly have nothing to hide.

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Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of 149 Every Day Foods

This guide will show you with pinpoint accuracy, which foods you should stop eating. And you’ll discover lots of delicious foods which can be eaten in large amounts without putting on weight.

Take this one to the grocery store.

4-Step Formula For Losing Weight Fast Recipe Book

It contains 59 delicious recipes which follow the 4-Step Formula principles for every meal of the day, including desserts and snacks, and even has 10 vegetarian recipes.

Smoothies For Athletes

This book contains 120 smoothie recipes because the easiest way to whip up quick meals and snacks for keeping your blood sugar stable is by throwing a bunch of healthy stuff in the blender and pushing the button.

The World’s Top 12 Super Foods

I eat at least 5 of these everyday because pound-for-pound, they’re the best weight loss foods on the planet. You should be eating them too if weight loss is your goal.

Progress Trackers

In this book I’ve created 2 simple step-by-step guides showing you how professionals use fat measurements or tape measurements to track progress because the scales are the very WORST way to measure your results.

You’ll find these so important when setting and tracking your goals so be sure to use them.

My 17 Eating Commandments Cheat-Sheet

If you were to follow these 17 eating commandments and do nothing else, you could expect to lose as much as 16lbs of fat in the first 30 days because it shows you exactly how to eat a lot of food but still lose a lot of weight.

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It makes me so confident, that if you don’t lose at least 10lbs of belly fat in the next 30 days I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no hoops to jump thru, no special conditions.

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"I'll Even Throw In These 2 Additional Tools
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Before we wrap this up I want to make it as easy as possible for you to hit the ground running with the 4-Step Formula so I’m also going to give you absolutely free, the 4-Step Formula for Losing Weight Fast Quick Start Guide.

Its only 40 pages long and can be read in less than 20-minutes but contains EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful with the formula.

I’m also going to give you this special hypnotic audio called Love Your Physical Self because its been proven that the better your self-image, the more successful you’ll be with losing weight. You don’t even need to be awake when you listen.. it doesn’t get any easier than that to lose weight!

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"How To Order"

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There’s the price.

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"You're Covered By A 60-Day, 100% Money
Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee"

And don’t forget, you have 60 days to see if the formula works for you. That’s a 60-day iron clad, no questions asked, unconditional, 100% money back guarantee.

"Some Frequently Asked Questions"

Here’s the answers to some of the most common questions I get:

  • Will the 4-Step Formula work for me?

    Well, the principles will work for any human body. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, whether your 25, 45 over even over 65 and it doesn’t matter if you want to lose 10lbs, 30lbs or even a 100lbs and more, the 4-step formula will still work for you.

  • Is this one of those weird diets?

    No, the formula is more like an instruction manual for your body. Every principle you use has been scientifically proven to be the most effective thing you can do. You really will be treating your body the way it wants to be treated.

  • What if I have diabetes?

    You have to get advice from your doctor regarding your diet and exercise before starting any new program, that goes without question, but the 4-Step Formula is all about controlling your blood sugar levels and eating & living healthily.

  • What if I have menopause?

    Not only will you still lose weight if you’re going though any type of menopause, you’ll also find it helps reduce many of the annoying side-effects of menopause as well.
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Finally, here are the 5 top reasons to get your copy of the 4-Step Formula right now

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  • 4.   There is no calorie counting, no going hungry, no cardio, no pills or supplements, you still get to snack at least a couple times a day and you can even have the occasional naughty food splurge and still look great.
  • 5.   The 4-Step Formula for Losing Weight Fast is totally laid out for you. Just follow the directions and you’ll find it so easy that it’ll just become part of your lifestyle so even 2 years down the road you still look and feel amazing.

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