This is What I Look Like Today… 7 Months After I Lost the Weight

Daddy and son at the beach

At the beach today with my son (I'm 41 and he's 8)

In case you’re wondering if my 4-Step Formula is a flash-in-the-pan diet or something that can’t be sustained then let me show you what I looked like today.

This is me at the beach with my son today… 7 months after I originally lost the weight and got into shape.

Not bad right? I’m 41 now and still looking great!

And my son looks super-healthy too. I’m a single Dad, so I prepare all his meals using the same 4-Step Formula principles and he’s the healthiest looking boy in our neighborhood.

But this may please you even more…

…yesterday (day before this picture was taken) I went to Burger King and had a chicken burger, fries and 2 caramel sundaes (my son couldn’t eat his sundae)!

Do I look like a guy that eats junk food? No way!

But about once a week I’ll treat myself to a pizza, burger meal or similar because I know my body can take it.

I’m actually a bit smooth in this photo probably because of all the salt from the burger meal yesterday. By as early as Monday evening or Tuesday I’ll be leaner again… it happens that fast!

(if I can I’ll post a photo of me in a few days from now to see if I actually am more ripped)

I know the occasional treat won’t blow out my waistline because the rest of the time I follow my 4-Step Formula.

It’s not really something I “do” anymore. Its just become my lifestyle and that means there is no effort, I experience no struggle at all.

I look amazing, I feel amazing, I’m NEVER hungry  and everyone now thinks I’m much younger than I am (my new doctor thought my birthdate was a secretarial typo).

I urge you to live a healthy lifestyle because the payoff is tremendous!

But do it smart because there is a lot of bad advice and misinformation on the subject of weight loss. We’ve all been lead-up-the-garden-path more than once for zero lasting results.

I know how to lose weight safely, efficiently and maintain the results and I can show you how to do it too.

In fact it would be my pleasure and honor to help you fulfil your desire of a healthier, slimmer and more attractive body.


The 4-Step Formula For Losing Weight Fast!…


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avatar About the Author: Muz Hughes is a regular single dad that has cracked the code to fast and long term weight loss. His 4-Step Formula is not a diet but a lifestyle, a sustainable way of living that results in the body you want and greater health and happiness from just 4 simple steps.

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  1. avatar Ben Sandells says:

    Hey Muz this is a great product, I don’t really weigh myself so not sure how much weight i’ve lost but i have lost alot of fat from around my stomach and really started to tone up…. nice work!

  2. avatar Joe says:

    Hi Muz,

    What happened to the video presentation on the sales page?

  3. avatar Richard says:

    I work in the sports industry so I can give you a first hand NEWS FLASH !!! The better you treat you your body the longer you live (WELL).

    This is a great system for the sports minded person.

    Richard At Phantom Sports testing Co.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Thanks Richard.

      And its not just the sports minded that benefit.

      Anyone wanting to lose fat will be successful with the 4-Step Formula if you just follow the steps. In fact, if you hate exercise, you can leave that out completely and still lose fat. It will take longer to reach your goals but you’ll still have success

  4. avatar Eric says:

    where is the product.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Have a look here Eric:

      At the time you made your comment we’re still not live but you can see the countdown clock.

      Right now its about 4 hours!

      If you see this comment more than 4 hours later, you’ll arrive on the order page which has an amazing video presentation I made with killer weight loss advice… better than you will get just about anywhere and it’s free!

  5. avatar Tamara Scott says:

    I wish I was perfectly toned.

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