The Efficiency Hierarchy of Training

The Efficiency Hierarchy of TrainingIn this article we will simply list the types of training in terms of efficiency:

1. High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT)

We already discussed above HIRT is the king of fat loss exercises

2. High Intensity Resistance Interval Training (HIRIT)

Same as HIRT except for these differences:

  • Lighter weights are used than in HIRT
  • Do one set of one exercise using fast movement and high repetitions for short time frame (eg. 45-60 seconds) then move to the next exercise
  • Smaller rest intervals between sets of 30 seconds

HIRIT burns a lot of calories during a workout and increases your EPOC but is less effective than HIRIT in increasing your BMR.

If you’ve ever done circuit training in a gym using machines and a timer then you’ve done HIRIT.

3. High Intensity Aerobic Interval Training (HIAIT)

Similar to HIIT except instead of anaerobic exercises you do aerobic exercises like:

  • Rowing
  • Running sprints
  • Swimming sprints
  • Stairmaster

Great for burning calories during your workout and increases your EPOC but not very effective at increasing BMR.

4. High Intensity Aerobic Training (HIAT)

HIAT is the type of exercise most of us loathe.

It’s long duration, spirit breaking, sweat-pumping aerobic exercise like jogging for 45 minutes, rowing non-stop for an hour or cycling non-stop for 2 hours.

Burns plenty of calories during the exercise but has little impact on EPOC and almost zero effect on BMR.

5. Low Intensity Aerobic Training (LIAT)

LIAT is a stroll through the park or along the beach.

The contribution to fat loss is almost nothing but you still reap the other benefits of exercise like improved heart function and improved mood.

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