The Eating Commandments!

It’s plain and simple:

  1. Eat a wide range of highly nutritious raw and cooked foods
  2. Eat foods with a low glycemic load
  3. Eat 6 or more meals per day

The Eating Commandments!That’s really it in a nutshell, but it’s not enough. So I created a list of principles which I follow very closely to maintain my ultra-lean body easily at 40 years old.

I live by these commandments and I suggest you adopt them to. There is nothing crazy or outrageous, it is just sensible decision making based on what science has shown about the way our bodies use and react to the foods we eat.

So print this out and place it on the refrigerator….

These are the basic principles for you to follow.

Just by following these commandments, I’m able to maintain an ultra-healthy body and still eat of a lot of food I thoroughly enjoy.

  1. Stop eating when you’re full
  2. Spread your food over at least 5 meals (preferably 6 or more) a day because your insulin and energy levels will remain stable and digestion will be better. If you eat 5 meals, that’s about 1 meal every 3 hours you’re awake
  3. Consume ultra-high nutrient food because the higher the nutritional value of the food, the fewer calories your body will crave. Best sources are fresh, in season, locally grown fruits and vegetables and foods from pasture grazing, free range livestock and fish
  4. Make sure at least 50% of your fruits and vegetable are eaten raw because processing (including cooking) destroys some of the vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Salads without croutons, ranch type dressing or bacon bits, are a great way to get raw vegetables
  5. Prepare your meals at home (doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat them at home). The more you eat out the more likely you are to eat the wrong foods. I understand it SEEMS convenient to eat out but there is nothing convenient about obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  6. Eat all or most of your starchy carbs (breads, pasta, rice, potatoes etc) in the first 2 thirds of the day because they have a higher glycemic load (GL) and the resultant insulin spike while you’re sleeping and not using blood glucose for energy will increase fat accumulation
  7. Don’t eat refined starchy carbs like white bread (and other white flour products), white rice, white pasta etc because most of the fiber and nutrient content has been removed leaving a high GL/low nutrient food that will spike your insulin levels without providing much else
  8. Go easy on the condiments because ketchup is loaded with HFCS and most other sauces like ranch are high in sugar & saturated fats. Instead try yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed avocado, lemon juice, vinegar or no condiment all
  9. Eat foods high in fiber because fiber reduces the GL of the food, contains calories that are bio-unavailable, reduces LDL cholesterol levels, swells in your digestive tract to reduce appetite and provides an ideal environment in your colon for good bacteria to flourish
  10. Try to eat some protein with every meal if possible because protein signals your body to secrete hormones like cholecystokinin, which act to suppress your appetite
    • Always eat some protein at breakfast time because you’ll have less appetite for the rest of the day
  11. Choose your fats carefully. Completely avoid trans fats, limit your saturated fats and try to eat only unsaturated fats (nuts, olive oil, avocado, fish, leafy greens etc). Make sure some of those unsaturated fats include omega-3 fatty acids (cold water fish, nuts [especially walnuts], flax seed etc)
  12. Avoid foods containing obesogens (it’s difficult to avoid them 100%) because studies have already proved they cause infant obesity and we may only be a few studies away from discovering they cause obesity in adults too
    • Avoid highly processed soy products or processed food containing soy oil because soy contains estrogenic obesogens which promote fat storage
    • Don’t eat foods containing high fructose corn syrup or any other high fructose sweetener because they convert easily to fat and cause a number of health issues like obesity and heart disease
  13. Eat folate rich foods because studies have shown that your rate of weight loss can be up to 8.5 times faster when your folate levels are high
  14. Don’t drink your calories, instead choose to quench your thirst with water, green tea, coffee (limit your caffeine drinks to a couple a day) and freshly squeezed-before-your-eyes fruit and vegetable juices (not packaged or bottled juices).
  15. Avoid highly processed foods because processing removes the nutrients and adds chemicals and empty calories
  16. Don’t eat in the last 2-3 hours before bed because studies show late night eating substantially increases propensity for weight gain and obesity
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avatar About the Author: Muz Hughes is a regular single dad that has cracked the code to fast and long term weight loss. His 4-Step Formula is not a diet but a lifestyle, a sustainable way of living that results in the body you want and greater health and happiness from just 4 simple steps.

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