Muz’s Weight Loss Secret #3

If you haven’t seen the other videos in this series you should check them out now!
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avatar About the Author: Muz Hughes is a regular single dad that has cracked the code to fast and long term weight loss. His 4-Step Formula is not a diet but a lifestyle, a sustainable way of living that results in the body you want and greater health and happiness from just 4 simple steps.

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  1. avatar Ashton says:

    It was good advice, I’ll be sure to test soon. I also have a blog about food and the right to be on a healthy diet.

  2. avatar Tamara Scott says:

    Hi Muz,

    I just got through reading your 4-Step Formula Edition 2 package that you sent me. Of course I’m one of the 25 winners. Can you tell me where to go to give you my testimonial and pictures? By the way, your program is better and easier than what I expected!;)


  3. avatar Nisha says:

    Hi Muz,
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    I happened to see the 4-step formula contest now and i missed my chance to win a free copy.
    I’m eagerly waiting for your launch so that i can start off soon and loose my fat and remain slim and fit for the rest of my life.
    Is there any procedure to follow to get your paltinum pack upgrade during lauch?
    Please help…

    • avatar Muz says:

      When you order during the launch, you will be automatically upgraded Nisha… sorry you missed out on the competition but I know you’ll still get massive benefit from the 4-Step Formula.

  4. avatar Donald Sellers says:

    Hi Muz I am so proud of you. I want to be you and look like you look. Please send me the free copy of how to jump start my fat loss process. I really need your help and I really need to loose weight. That is my goal for 2011 and I really want to accomplish this this year.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Thanks Donald. I know with the 4-Step Formula you’ll have the best chance you’ve EVER had to lose weight.

      For about 10 years I dreamed of having a 6-pack before I actually got one. I wasted so much time doing the wrong things without realizing I was pushing a boulder up a hill.

      There is so much bad advice around on weight loss that its like a mine field. It wasn’t until I drew my own scientific map that i was able to navigate directly to my goal in just 45 days. I couldn’t believe it… and then 45 days later I literally looked a different person.

      I’m here to tell you Donald it it TOTALLY possible!

  5. avatar Dr. John says:

    I am interested in what you have to say, (LOL)!

    I wiil drop you a note after I read my FREE COPY…
    Dr. John

  6. avatar Sunny Sunset says:


    Thank you for this video. I have been looking for how to get off my plateau. Over the summer I lost 40 lbs waterjogging at our local waterpark, running as fast as I could in the water, doing my laps that way, since I knew swimming was not useful. I was doing 10 kilometers a day. Water exercise is all I can do because I can barely walk due to bad knees, but I only weigh 30 lbs under water up to my neck, and the knees never complained. In fact they felt more aligned than what my chiropractor could do. 🙂 Anyway, I guess I will have to do HIRT til it HURTS… Thanks…

    and yes, I want to put my name into the contest, too. 🙂

    • avatar Muz says:

      Well done!

      10 kilometers a day… whoa!

      With that amount of determination I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal.

      Right now you are in what I call the right state of self-image and self-esteem (that is, what you think and feel about yourself right now is perfectly aligned with reaching your weight loss goals). You’re lucky, most people are not in the right state and therefore cannot maintain the determination necessary for reaching their goal.

      More on that in big video I’ll be releasing in a few days. The good news is you can (and MUST) create the ‘right state’ and I’ll show you how. This is a revolutionary concept I’ve developed.

      Do you use paddle dumbbells? They have really no weight but designed to create drag in the water? It would be a good form of HIRT to incorporate into your program.

      If you want to enter in the contest then make sure you see the next video Sunny Sunset (cool name)

  7. avatar Linda says:

    This sounds to good to be true would like the free pack very much…. it sounds fantastic.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Hi Linda,

      I get a little nervous when I hear a comment like that because it makes my 4-Step Formula sound like its perhaps a scammy gimmick, like so many other programs.

      But I assure you it isn’t.

      It’s real science that really works and yes… it is fantastic.

      Watch the next video to see how to enter for the FREE pack

  8. avatar Bruce says:

    Register me for your free book. These videos show how to lose weight fast, my goal for sure. thanks

    • avatar Muz says:

      You’re right… no time or effort is wasted. Its fast because its efficient.

      Watch the next video Bruce to see how to enter for the free copy

  9. avatar J Goss says:

    I’m herebye registering for your one day only and free copy of your 4 step weight loss system.
    J Goss

  10. avatar John Baril says:

    Hey Muz,

    Another awesome video – and I’m quite shocked. I always thought that aerobics (walking, etc) was the way to go for burining calories. But your’re saying that with resistance training, you continue to burn at after the workout is finished – well it makes sense when you put it that way.

    Thanks for the insight,

    John Baril

    • avatar Muz says:

      Yes, I was also under the same spell John.

      Back in my 30s I actually took up swimming because I thought it would be good a good way to slim down.

      I did no other exercise except swim and I could not budge my fat. So I swam further and still no change, so I same more often and still no change!

      Eventually after about 14 months I gave up on the idea completely confused why I was still chubby.

      Now we know!

  11. avatar Delores says:

    Hi Muz,

    This is great information. I am going to get started right away. I know that I can transform my body, if I go to work. I have done it before. In comparison to others, your program is by far the most healthy. The fact that you have shared this much information for free is abosolutley incredible.

    Thank you!!!

    • avatar Muz says:

      You’re welcome Delores!

      In a few days I’ll be releasing a much bigger video which contains some of the ideas you’ve seen in these videos but also one more that is revolutionary.

      It was the key component to my success and almost EVERY weight loss program ever created has neglected to add it.

  12. avatar Laurie Dahlke says:

    Sounds great now I have to prove it for myself.

  13. avatar Laurie Dahlke says:

    Wow you have almost sold me, The challenge is that I am 5’2″ and weight about 154#. I should weight 125-130#. I wear a size 12 – should be a size 6-8. have a Total Gym a recumbant bike, a mini trampoline. Go up and down our stairs many times a day. But, my get up and go is sometimes really gone. I am 70 years old and figure if I do things right I have 25-30 years left and don’t want to be in a wheelchair, nursing home, or with a cane. My body has recovered from a slip on the ice 4 years ago which caused a bad break in my left hip. All better now, but …. well, can you help me and make me one of your celebs?
    I am a vegetarian, I have been using the belly blast shakes and think I might have even gained a few pounds. Help!

    • avatar Muz says:

      Laurie, a recumbent bike and mini-tramp won’t do much if fat loss is your goal.

      If you’re a vegetarian you may not be getting enough protein and without enough protein you won’t be able to build lean muscle mass.

      That’s why HIRT works the best at fat loss, because you build lean muscle mass which uses about 4 times as calories in resting state than fat… muscle is calorie hungry!

      I’d consider a protein powder, but be aware a protein powder can make defecation a little more difficult so be sure you are eating a high fiber diet and you’ll be fine.

  14. avatar pete says:

    im glad that u said resistance training. i alreadydo that and now that i have an idia of how to take the weight off maybe i’ll see som results.

  15. avatar Tamala says:

    I am excited to learn the HIRT method of fat loss. Aerobic exercise is not working for me. I watch my calorie intake and cannot lose weight. Because I was an athlete in HS and college, I have muscle beneath my fat. I want to lose the fat! Show me how for free!

    • avatar Muz says:

      Tamala, this video is a real eye-opener, right?

      We all waste so much time on aerobic exercise even though scientific research has proven not once, but many time over the past 25 years that its ineffective for fat loss.

      That useless idea is perpetuated by manufacturers and product makers that make money from it.

      After seeing weight loss failure everywhere, repeatedly, I decided to ignore what the industry says and go behind the veil to see what science says.

      And science says HIRT kicks butt!

      Watch the next video to see how to get all this info FREE!

      And I’ve used HIRT to transform my own body… it works!

  16. avatar nisha says:

    Hi Muz,
    Awesome and very informative videos… Thank you so much for sharing them. Unfortunately i couln’t watch the last bit of video #3.
    I’m overweight by 10 kilos.
    Wat is the ideal amt of time you suggest for the workouts and wat workouts do i need to do inorder to loose weight?
    where can i get the 120 Ideal foods, 69 recipies, the daily eating schedule and the 4 day sample eating plans and the workouts.
    Please help…
    Thank you………

    • avatar Muz says:

      10 kilos should be easy Nisha!

      But listen to this important point.

      Don’t track your results by weight because HIRT will put lean muscle mass on your body. That’s the reason it works so well to burn fat… muscle is super-hungry for calories and will burn your fat away.

      So this means your weight may not change very much… I’m actually heavier now than I was in my before shots!

      Instead, try these methods to track your results
      – take before shots
      – take measurements
      – use fat calipers to take pinch measurements

      Those will give you more accurate measures.

      By-the-way, I have created guides for doing all of those measurements, which also comes in the pack of this info which you can win FREE

      Just watch the next video!

  17. avatar Debbie says:

    Sounds good!

  18. avatar alice says:

    I am interested to see the exercises! Many of the exercise programs don’t have any for the beginner. I have bought several videos for cardio that were nearly impossible for someone obese (and not terribly co-ordinated) to do. I know that the traditional sit-ups, leg lifts, and isometric exercises work, as I have used them, but I was not as overweight then as I am now and I need HELP!

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