Muz’s Weight Loss Secret #1

This 1 short video has the power to change your body shape for the better, forever. You must watch it if you want any hope of losing fat!

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avatar About the Author: Muz Hughes is a regular single dad that has cracked the code to fast and long term weight loss. His 4-Step Formula is not a diet but a lifestyle, a sustainable way of living that results in the body you want and greater health and happiness from just 4 simple steps.

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  1. avatar john shuster says:

    i have been using you new life style pan for a week now i am like it!! not having craving for any sweet !!!


  2. avatar Danny g says:

    Just wondering who is Kyle K and who is Muz Hughes. Im confused as both these names are being used as the same person who create and authored this program. Will the real creator please stand up!!!


  3. avatar Biz says:

    Hi Muz.

    I hope you’re well mate and nothing is wrong because I’ve been trying to contact you via all means advertised but to no avail so I hope everything is ok?

    I’ve tried calling and faxing numbers advertised on your fat loss website below (but the numbers are not connecting).

    I have a detailed review of your product and several business questions to forward to you via email ASAP.

    I’m hoping that you will receive an email notification of this comment being left on this blog and as a result you will leave a reply on this page.

    IF you do reply… Please leave an active email address I can reach you at in your reply.

    I will check this page often (but in all honesty there is no entry from you on your blog since 19 Jan 2011 so I am concerned about that and particle your own personal welfare as I this is a great product and I see no reason of why you would simply drop of the radar from a business point of view?)

    Look forward to hearing from you Muz!

    Kind regards


    Note: There are a lot of spammy comments left after 19 Jan 2011 so to spammers this is a creditable site and there’s obviously and issue regarding the sites author/admin so why don’t you guys get of this site and find something else to do!

  4. avatar Rod says:

    I’m overweight on the border line of diabetes and have been told to loss weight everytime I see a doctor. I’m looking forward to your 2nd video. Thanks you may have saved my life.

  5. avatar Robin says:

    Hi Muz,
    I am a 911 Dispatch Supervisor and have allowed myself to just grab instead of eating for nutrition. I am trying to change my mindset and what I have just watched has helped a lot! I can “grab” small portions of healthy food because truly thats all I have time for anyway!
    I have struggled with tummy fat for a long time. The rest of me stays fairly small.
    I am excited to get started

    • avatar Muz says:

      If its tummy fat you struggle with Robin then its very likely because of poor blood glucose and hence insulin management.

      That’s actually great news because just by getting that under control you’ll experience good losses.

      And as you lose fat, there is a cascade effect where many of your systems and hormones come into balance for compounded benefit.

      I’m so glad you’re excited, it is the perfect attitude!

  6. avatar Randy says:

    66 year old male, active but with long term type 2 diabetes, blood sugar averages 220. Looking for permanent solution.

    • avatar Muz says:

      The 4-Step Formula is a lfestyle not a diet.

      So it is permanent and the results you enjoy will be permanent also.

      There is a dense haze separating all of us from the true scientifically supported knowledge of healthy living.

      And that dense haze comprises mostly of marketing messages and industry propaganda designed specifically for getting your money with little or no concern for your health, longevity or quality of life.

      But I’ve removed the haze.

      I’ve made it crystal clear.

      Healthy choices for healthy living made simple.

  7. avatar dee says:

    obede I am 350 lbs


    • avatar Muz says:

      Dee, I feel for you.

      I know the 4-Step Formula will show you a whole knew way of living that is healthier and happier.

      All that is needed from you is the commitment to do it… I even help with that.

  8. avatar Muz says:

    Once you know what you’re doing Nisha, 3 sessions per week of 30-45 minutes should be plenty…

    …but that is time spent exercising, resting between exercises briefly and moving between exercises… does not account for procrastination.

    It will take while for you to get familiar with what you’re doing so it will take a little longer in the beginning

  9. avatar John Baril says:

    Hey Muz,

    This video is just great. You have explained the whole insulin reaction scenario in a way that is much easier to follow than other presentations which I have seen.

    This is down to earth and non scammy – a refreshing change in the weight loss industry. I can hardly wait to promote this on my diet blogs.


    • avatar Muz says:

      Great feedback, thanks John… I pride myself very highly that there is no gimmick or scam with what I teach!

      I can look anyone in the eye and say with totally honesty and conviction that my 4-Step Formula works.

  10. avatar Mary Traves says:

    Hi Kye and thanks for your free information on blood sugar levels because I have a real sweet tooth! I would love to lose 30 pounds. Sure am willing to give your diet a try and a chance to work.

    • avatar Muz says:

      I have a sweet tooth too Mary!

      But I satisfy it with fruit, lots of delicious juicy fruit cut in a bowl, often with a huge dollop of natural creamy yogurt on top! I’ll stuff myself on that 100% guilt free at least once a day!

      If you do the program, and really follow it (its not crazy and no starving yourself) you’ll reach your goal.

  11. avatar nisha says:

    Hi Muz,
    Awesome and very informative videos… Thank you so much for sharing them. Unfortunately i couln’t watch the last bit of video #3.
    I’m overweight by 10 kilos.
    Wat is the ideal amt of time you suggest for the workouts and wat workouts do i need to do inorder to loose weight?
    where can i get the 120 Ideal foods, 69 recipies, the daily eating schedule and the 4 day sample eating plans and the workouts.
    Please help…
    Thank you………

  12. avatar Pepa says:

    THANKS for this sweet reminder Muz! sometimes we forget the dangers of suger and the effect it has on our insuline and we get complaicent!!! thanks x x

  13. avatar Ashley graham says:

    Hi I am 19 and my weight is 190 I want to lose weight and I would like to lose it before the summer is near is there any way u can help me I try almost everything and I am sick of seeing myself this way if u want u can write to me at [email address removed]

    • avatar Muz says:

      Keep watching the videos Ashley and begin implementing the ideas.

      I’m inundated with requests similar to yours and I just can’t address them individually sorry but I’ll be releasing a system very soon which transformed my body. Its safe, healthy and something you can do forever. Not a diet that starts and then ends, leaving you to resort back to your old habits.

  14. avatar robin says:

    gonna try it if it works am definitely preaching it

    • avatar Muz says:

      For sure! you don’t know if you don’t try and I’m hoping nearly everyone will see these secrets I’m giving away are worth trying.

    • avatar robin says:

      i will try i’ve tryed and spent money on so many i have 40lbs to lose.. lets pray this is the one..

      • avatar Muz says:

        Well Robin all I can say to give you hope is there are NO gimmicks with this diet.

        In fact its not a diet, its a sustainable lifestyle that is healthy and simple using only strategies scientifically proven to be be the MOST effective.

        And it includes an essential element almost every program ever created neglects to include and its the secret key that made the difference for me.

  15. avatar dee says:

    very interesting … i’m curious & intrigued….

  16. avatar Alexandra says:

    Wow! I am diabetic!! and this is an eye opener it does make sence i left the country for 4 weeks and were i went was not fast food not process food and i lost 10 pound and i did not know why becaus ei was eating but in also small amount and it all was natural, thanx for the tips!!

    • avatar Muz says:

      You’re living proof of what I’m saying Alexandra.

      Food company advertisements are full of warm messages and smiling faces but the truth is they don’t have any concern for our health or well being at all other than our ability to buy their products.

      Stay away from processed foods and eat more like the diet you followed while out of the country and your reward will be improved EVERYTHING

  17. avatar Bernice says:

    Love the information. Will be putting it to the test for both myself 49yrs old single mom and my son who’s overweight who is 12yrs. We will both be slimming down and looking forward to being healthy.

  18. avatar Estil says:

    Hey Muz–I am 57, I weigh 219,would like to lose about 30 lbs., I am a very bad diabetic, it goes extremely high and very low. I would sure like to get it under CONTROL. thanks

    • avatar Muz says:

      Eating low-glycemic foods at regular intervals and avoiding high glycemic foods altogether is a giant leap in the right direction. At 219 pounds, 30 pounds of fat loss is very achievable. You can still eat plenty, just eat the right foods in the right portions at the right times… I can show you how.

  19. avatar Donald says:

    Hi Muz,
    I have been struggling with my weight for the pass five years since I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, and myasthenia Gravis, Hypothyroidism, when I contracted the myasthenia I was put on prednisone which made me gain weight. I have not been able to loose this weight and diabietes runs in my family and my sister has already been diagnosed with the disease. I really want to loose weight and if you can help me I would be most greatful to you. Thanks for all of your information. Donald

    • avatar Muz says:

      Hi Donald, while I’m not a doctor I can say that what I teach is safe, healthy and works in harmony with the systems of your body.

      By default we are slim and healthy, it only from giving our bodies the things it doesn’t need that we end up overweight and unhealthy. Every day we are bombarded with messages designed to entice us to make poor choices, it is no wonder so many of us struggle… I know I did.

      But the empowering truth is, when you give your body what it needs when it needs it and refrain from the opposite, your body will begin to move toward its default status of health and vitality.

  20. avatar pete says:

    Muz,i am 41yrs old and everything your saying makes alot of sence. i am deffinetly ready to learn more so that i can get started on my way bak to a healthy life.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Its not too late Pete, I was 40 when I got fed up with feeling and looking aweful. It only took me 45 days to really change my body and just another 45 days later I couldn’t believe it was me.

      I recently turned 41 and I still look and feel amazing.

      Am I dieting? No!

      I’m just making healthy choices most of the time, that’s all it takes.

      However this is the caveat: you can’t make healthy choices if you don’t have the knowledge of what the healthy choices are… and that’s what these videos are for.

  21. avatar Clarice says:

    I have looked at a lot of products, this is helpful I can’t wait to try it.

  22. avatar Dena says:

    Thank you I look forward to learning more. I have struggled with my weight for years and get so frustrated. Went to the gym 5 days a week with a personal trainer and followed his diet plan and didn’t lose any weight.

    • avatar Muz says:

      It must be frustrating to get those results.
      First point: this is very important. Don’t judge your success by the scales because its meaningless for many reasons including muscle is heavier than fat, losing water makes you lighter but its not real loss etc.

      Go by how your clothes fit or how you look in the mirror. Or even better, take tape measurements or use fat calipers.

      Second point: my guess is he had you doing the wrong type of exercises and the wrong type of diet.

      What I teach is not magic or some lucky break I stumbled onto.

      I just went to science. Everything I teach is what has been scientifically proven to be the most effective for losing fat.

      I am a scientist, literally. I have an graduate degree in science with majors in human anatomy, physiology and neurology.

      No gimmicks…. most other prgrams survive on gimmick, but the sad truth is that results in a bunch of empty promises.

      Keep watching my stuff Dena.. you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  23. avatar arthur thompson says:

    i have been on every diet there is and i can not lose weight art

    • avatar Muz says:

      Unless there is something uniquely different about your physiology, you will definitely lose weight following the principle of this video… you must, its just how your body works.

      But of course it takes discipline.

      The best diet in the world is useless without commitment.

      And that’s where most diets fail, they do nothing to build your motivation. But what I teach is different. I teach how to lose weight in the mind as well as the body.

      You’ll understand more as the videos progress.

  24. avatar Stan says:

    Great information about the correlation between insulin and weight. Thank you for sharing.

  25. avatar va spillman says:

    So, basically you are talking about an all organic diet…right? thats hard unless you can get the entire family involved…which is better for them anyway. hmm..need to talk to my hubby “) sounds good to me!

    • avatar Muz says:

      No, not an all organic diet.

      But instead a diet that uses less processed food and more fresh & high fiber food because that’s the type of food our body was designed to digest.

      Any movement in the that direction, (from processed –> to fresh) will result in improved health and fat loss.

      If you doubt your ability to do it, then do it gradually. For example, start by deciding once a day to eat something fresh and natural when you would normally eat processed.

      Its not enough, but its a start and that’s all you need to do.. make a start and then keep your momentum going in the right direction.

      The payoff is totally worth it.

  26. avatar va spillman says:

    wow, that was very informative! thank you! I am looking forward to hearing the next video as well. I was recently diagnosed as diabetic…and that really was helpful. They tell you that you are diabetic, but don’t really tell you why, or what to do about it, whats going on in the body…so I found your video quite helpful.
    thank you!

    • avatar Muz says:


      Its very gratifying to me personally to know my information has helped you to understand the functions of your body better. I hope it empowers you to live a healthier lifestyle.

  27. avatar Andrea E. says:

    Hi Muz,
    I’m so happy I found you! I’ve recently committed to start losing weight in a healthier way (see my New Year’s Resolutions on my website) and I think your way of seeing foods is absolutely fantastic! I hope my readers will find it helpful, too.
    I can’t wait to see the other videos.


  28. avatar Linda says:

    Great info on the pancreas, I am Diabetic 2 and that was exactly what I was doing.Blood sugar levels going up and down.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Thanks Linda, good to hear you’re eating better now.

      If you’re reading this and not a diabetic but yo-yo your sugar and insulin levels then hear what Linda is saying… she ate like that and now she IS diabetic.

      Don’t wait until you have the same story!

  29. avatar Pat says:


    My first website will be yours. I (and I’m not kidding) haven’t heard or seen videos that make me not only want to see more, but to participate in it. Looking forward to tomorrows video. Thank you…

    • avatar Muz says:

      You’ll have to wait a couple days because these videos havent even been released yet… you snuck in the back door!

      They are officially released on jan 13th, which means you’ll receive Secret #2 in the 14th.

      Hope you can wait until then 😉


  30. avatar Cassie says:

    I’m in – bring it on!

  31. avatar Belinda says:

    awesome so far!

  32. avatar Chad says:

    Very helpful indeed, thanks!

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