Did You Win 1 of the 25 Free Copies of the 4-Step Formula?

Thanks so much everyone for your entries.

I really enjoyed reading them and it’s inspiring to hear so many people dedicated to achieving lasting health in their lives.

Here are the 25 winners (you’ll be contacted by email soon):

  1. Jessica‘s comment:Honestly i’ve been spending hundreds of dollars in weight loss programs, be it pills, diets, gym… nothing seems to be working, i haven’t always been overweight, i was very fit growing up, however i got pregnant and had a miscarriage and the stress of that have changed the way i look drastically. its very depressing to be spending all this money and after sticking to a regime for months u see no improvement. i have literally given up on loosing weight because i believe all those programmes do anything but help. I would really like to get a copy of your 4-step formula because i saw all your videos and it seems too good to be true but after trying everything i have without any results, i need a programme that motivates me, thanking u
  2. Linda‘s comment:I would like one of your free copies, after looking at all your videos, explaining the why, the what,the how’s in the shortest period with not much effort, and watching at you,your photo’s “From Flab To FAB! ” it can just work for me I can definitely benefit health wise after 53 years just eating, and exercising the wrong way, and have been diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and I’m a young 53 granny, I do not like to get old so if I can stay and look younger and healthier longer just by doing and eating your way, I would love to try it and show to other people in SA that it can work, I just need inspiration like to see you, and my own mind set and will power then I know it can be done. Regards. THANK YOU
  3. Andrea E‘s comment:Hello KYLE,
    I think you already know by now that I’m a fan of yours.
    YOU did an amazing job with the free videos, I really enjoyed watching them (a few times, actually), and I’m following your tips blindly as they are just AWESOME!
    Therefore, I would love to be one of the lucky winners of this great program as recently I committed to start a brand new lifestyle, healthier and wealthier along with my new blog readers, who are young women, just like me, starting to get in the best shape. I truly believe that your book can change my life, as in teaching me what to eat, what NOT to eat and what kind of exercises to do.

    Andrea E.
    Even if I don’t get a copy of it, I’d absolutely love to continue promoting it, so could you please give me a version of the banners saved as gif instead of swf? I tried to reply to your emails but it seemed the email was not working. Feel free to cut this p.s. A litle off topic I know. Thanks a lot.

  4. Mary, Dave, Lucas and Claudia‘s comment:Hi Muz,my family has been getting heavier every year and it has to stop.

    Yesterday my youngest child, Claudia, came home from school crying because someone called her an ‘elephant’ and she is only 9.

    Her brother Lucas has all kinds of excuses for not going to gym but really I think he can’t keep up with the other boys because he’s too big and that embarrasses him.

    Every year my husband and I have to basically buy a new set of clothes because we out-grow our wardrobe. Dave has asked me to start buying him elastic waist jeans and trousers so he can ‘grow’ in comfort.

    Its insane we are letting ourselves get like this. Looking at us around the table and looking at the food we’re eating I feel sad. Please help my beautiful family to get on the right track before its too late!

    I trust you so much, after seeing your videos and seeing what you did with your own body. I really believe in the 4-Step Formula and in you. I think I deserve a free copy because I’ll use it to help 4 people, not just one.


  5. Stephany‘s comment:I think the 4 step formula will work for me because after watching your videos I’m convinced you know what you are talking about, not like other diet-gurus that have crazy programs which don’t work. I deserve a copy because I’ll use it to build a relationship with my mom while we lose weight together. You see I ran away from home when I was 15 because I didn’t like my mom’s boyfriend. I’m 28 now and want to part of her life again but after so long its difficult. We talked and I think doing this together will help us bond to be a loving mom and daughter again. Thank you very much Muz, we think you are awesome!
  6. Alexandra Boos comment:Muz,I have been a full figured model in NYC for 20 years. I always had my career as an excuse to stay in the comfort zone of being overweight. My clients would literally drop me if I became to skinny. Now I am a single mom and a spokesperson on TV. I have a huge following as a face to the full-figured consumer and it is time to stop hiding my full potential and get healthy for me, my son, and as an example to other women. I am a voice with a platform and would like your help to convey a message-love your self enough to be all that you can be. I put myself in your hands to lead me, Muz.
  7. Marcia‘s comment:I deserve a copy because I’ve been watching all your videos and see we are totally on the same wavelength. I’m a busy single mum and I’ve tried everything to lose 15lbs of ugly fat I’ve never lost after my last girl was born. Raising a family on my own is tuff and I don’t have the time to work a fulltime job so things like your book, which I’d love to have, I usually have to pass up because the needs of my kids come first. A free copy would give me the chance I need to do something for me!
  8. Pam Bentley‘s comment:I only want to lose 10lbs so I can fit in my wedding dress. I dont know if that makes me selfish because there are lots of people that need help more than me but my fiance and I hav spent just aout every cent we have on a beautiful wedding but if I don’t lose 10lbs in the next 3 weeks I’m going to have ugly back fat bulges. Please help!
  9. S kijoon‘s comment:i LOVED your videos, wow! they were amazing and free! i learnt so much frm them that I cant wait to get a copy of the 4-step formula because I know this will be the program that finally works. all the other programs seem to be based on tricks or crazy stuff but watching your videos is like going to a medical lecture because they’re so clear and well done!
  10. Debbie‘s comment:I don’t deserve to win, I’m sure there are many more deserving than me. I would love to win, I had back surgery this summer and couldn’t do much while recuperating. So I gained weight, I have a big muffin top and can’t seem to loose much weight. I don’t want to wear any of my tight clothes, because it shows off my roll and I hate it. I would love to know what to do. Help!! Thanks .
  11. Christopher‘s comment:I think you rock Muz. I’m 12 years younger than you and I’m freakin jealous of your 6-pack! What’s up with that?! lol. nah, man you rock. I can tell your a good dad and your son is gonna have the same fit and healthy life you have. I want my son to see my 6-pack too, I’d love him to be proud I got into shape. you inspire me man! if your book is anything like your videos I’m sold, sign me up, whatever it takes… even a free copy, lol. thanks chris
  12. Tess‘s comment:You are a good person, its easy to see from your voice and the things you write on your blog. I totally believe that you totally believe in the things you teach. Plus, any intelligent person can see those things are well thought out and not scams or gimmicks. If I was going t get just one book this year to live a more healthy life this would be it because I think its going to be an amazingly helpful for me, my family and so many other people.
  13. Jan & John‘s comment:Hi Muz, my husband and I are totally psyched about the 4step formula! and now to see we can get afree copy is like adream come true. we both made new year’s resolutions to finally lose weight this year (john is my husband) because we go to hawaii in june for a second honeymoon. we’ve been looking all over the place to find the right program and just from what we saw on the videos your diet is standing head-and-shoulders above the competition. I probably not heloing myself to say this but if we don’t win we’re definitely gonna buy a copy anyway (we dont even know the price yet, lol… told you we’re psyched!)
  14. Susan‘s comment:I have tried several different commercial methods of weight loss to no avail. I am interested in your program because I need to lower my cholesterol and lose weight as I cannot take the statin drugs. I am also very interested in what your choices of foods would be, and I wish to use a healthy method of weight loss, which I believe your program encompasses. Looking forward to knowing more about your 4-step formula, and the secret source.
  15. Amberley‘s comment:Hi MuzI think your 4-Step Formula will help me and anybody else who needs to lose weight because your great videos show that you really understand the issues of losing weight. I’m positive that the obesity epidemic can be directly linked to our growing insulin resistance, our excessive consumption of HFGS and our lack of effective exercise. All points which you’ve covered in your videos.

    Why do I deserve a free copy? Well I’m a really nice person so you have it in your power to really make my day! Does saying please help too?


  16. Kerry‘s comment:I deserve to win a copy of your 4-Step Formula because I believe I would be a good ambassador for your product as I have a very busy lifestyle BUT am also very lazy as well. I need something that is easy and that keeps me interested while still having fun, I have read your previous steps and I am still interested – to me thats the first step for me to transform my lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle, one that will make me much happier and nicer person to live with – that is all good.
    When I find something thats good, easily accessible and very worthwhile – I tell everyone.
  17. Sarah‘s comment:my dad and my uncle both died of a heart attack before they were 50 and now I can see my brother heading the same way. He so wants to get thinner but our family is not healthy and we have no idea how to do it. Watching your videos has been amazing. We’ve learned more from the 3 secret videos than we have in … well, ever. I know the 4-Step Formula can put my bother on the path to outliving our dad and much older.
  18. Don‘s comment:Muz, I am probably one of your oldest individuals who are deserving of this. I am a 58 year old coach and former personal trainer and I have two artificail knees as a result playing football. I trained people with your HIRT system and I am familiar with the basics of your nutritional philosophy. I give you more credibility as a result of my experience. This is a life style change,not just a resolution for the year. I am your man.
  19. David A‘s comment:hey Muz,I am a 41 year old male just like you but i don’t show how old i am, most people tell me i look much younger. I am going to the gym almost everyday but even though i am seeing some results i am not seeing the full results that i am looking for , like the defined body like you have. I am not working right now and money is tight for me right now, like almost everyone else. But soon i will be working as a nursing assistant and i want to be healthy and be able to do my job with 110% commitment and i think that if i had this program i know that will be able to have the energy and ability to do my job without me worrying about being burned out by the end of my shift. So if i won this program it would be the best thing that i could have to keep my body and mind healthy and strong to do everything in my life with the 110% commitment that i want to give in everything that i do. Thank you so much for giving this opportunity for 25 people to win your amazing program.


  20. Derek‘s comment:I am an example of a so called “too busy working person” that has allowed my waistline to grow to a point of embarrassment. I know that if properly guided while following your 4-Step Formula, I would stay motivated and inspired, I could work the program and with its results, look and feel great. I would be a walking billboard, willing to tell anyone who asked how I got here. I feel like a represent 40-something folks out there that desire a healthy lifestyle but are too lazy or do not know how to lose and maintain their weight. My motivation is to be around living,to see my childrens’ children.
  21. Chris‘s comment:Muz, I have been heavy all my life. I have gained and lost tons of weight, I have starved my self, worked out like a mad man, and finally gave up. I now have an 11 year old son, he looks just like me at that age, I don’t want him to have the pain of growing up with that stigma of being the fat kid, being depressed cause he has trouble getting a date. I want to be an example to him that being heavy is not the way to live, to not settle for your situation but to strive to be a better man everyday, mind, body and soul. As well as be healthy enought to be there in the future to know and enjoy the great man I know he can become. Sincerely Chris
  22. Frank Poster‘s comment:I saw your video and it looks like something that is good for me. The way my work is and I go to school I can’t really find the time to work out or eat rite. I go to acting school. I tried many diets and one diet I lost about 55 pounds but I end up gaining it all back. It was basically a tuna,tea,and veggie diet. I’m always on the move so I eat fast food a lot, but listening to your program if I can get me a nice routine goin like the one your program got I’m sure I can reach the ideal weight I wanna achieve. Also I have heart disease and diabetes that run in my family and I wanna stop this from happening to me before it even starts. And I believe with your help I can do this and be healthier than I ever been. Thank-you.
  23. Tamala‘s comment:Muz,
    As a 47 year old female who is recovering from spine surgery, I have been sedentary for the past 4 months. My entire adult life has included a struggle with weight. I have Yo-Yo dieted for the past 25 years. Recently my cholesterol and blood pressure have elevated and I know that weight loss is essential for my general health. I am 5’4″ and weigh in at 190 lbs. My ideal weight is 128 lbs. It seems overwhelming to loose that amount on my own. The use of your plan gives me hope. Because of my surgery and lack of income because I cannot yet return to work I believe I am deserving of your offer of the 4-step formula.
    Thank you for your consideration
  24. Tamara Scott‘s comment:I believe that I should win your 4-step formula because I just made 18 and I want my last few months of high school to end with a smile. I have always been fat and miserable, and I just want to be able to have fun. I’ve tried programs, which resulted in an epic fail. I am constantly teased about my weight by strangers and my own family. They don’t know how it feels to go shopping and leave crying because there are only regular people’s clothes. Trust me, if you give me a free copy, I will succeed.
  25. Missi‘s comment:I’ve been obese since I was about 19 years old. I’m a 41 year old mother of two (2) boys. I know if I don’t do something about it I’m going to die young. I know I am not teaching my children correctly, because I am obese & can not get out & play with them, please help. Your videos reallly gave me hope and they are the first thing in a long time that I actually believe would work for me. Please help me so that I can help my family. PLEASE!!!
mary, dave lucas, claudia
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avatar About the Author: Muz Hughes is a regular single dad that has cracked the code to fast and long term weight loss. His 4-Step Formula is not a diet but a lifestyle, a sustainable way of living that results in the body you want and greater health and happiness from just 4 simple steps.

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  1. avatar Tamara Scott says:

    Muz, I constantly checked my emails for the rest of the platinum package, but I guess I forgot to give feedback for it.
    I know this product is good because it features a step by step eating guide along with a list of healthy foods rather than “healthy” foods. Rather than to say “someone told me…”,you have all your resources listed. Your product is much better than all the rest because it deals with losing weight an the emotional struggle as well. You really have to have a positive mindset before you can achieve anything, especially weight loss. Your product is also very effective because I already started incorporating the guide to my daily activities and I’m sleeping better, my hair is healthier, the bags under my eyes are leaving(I know, I’m only 18), and I went down a size in shirts and pants. Of course, it worked for you, which proves it works. At first, the hardest part was giving up HFCS , but now that it’s said and done I can conquer anything in my path.

  2. avatar Tamara Scott says:

    I have no idea how to send my picture or opinion. I realized I cant do it in this speech rectangle. Oh, and I set myself a minigoal: lose 20 pounds from now to March first. I know it’s possible with your program because I’ve done it with other programs but the weight seemed to come back over night!?! (weird)Well anyway, you can always reach me at:


  3. avatar Derek says:

    Muz, is there a date set that we (I) will get the 4-Step Formula for Losing Weight Fast program? Still very excited about diving into your program. Thanks in advance for all that you have done.

  4. avatar Tamala says:


    I just finished reading the 4-Step Formula for Losing Weight Fast.
    The format of the book is clear and easy to read. The verbiage is intelligent, not condescending and not like a fairy tale.
    The information on the digestive system, hormones, Vitamin B, fiber, stress levels, and obesogens is supported by literature and scientific studies.
    The Mind and Spirit section describes “why” we eat more than we need AND it explains how we can change what that little voice inside our head tells us.
    I am excited to begin this program and will begin on Feb. 01, 2011.
    I will be sending before photos and measurements.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to put your formula to work

    Tamala Galloway

    There was not a link for this request. I cannot add a photo here. TG

  5. avatar Derek says:

    I too, want to thank you for selecting me. I am ready to change my life both mentally and physically. I believe your 4 Step Program coupled with the fast that I am completing tomorrow will definitely set me on well on my way. So again thanks a bunch, and looking forward towards working with your program.

    Los Angeles, CA

  6. avatar Tamala says:

    Smiling. . .
    I had a revelation today about what I want in my life; I am at a turning point with my injury and not working.
    The revelation is that my success in life involves going after what I want.
    What I want most is a healthy, beautiful body.
    What I want is the 4-step Formula to be part of my life in a balanced lifestyle change.
    Thank you, Muz.

    • avatar Muz says:

      Thank you straight back at you Tamala.

      Thanks for adding your energy of upliftment and passion for a better life in a healthier body to this forum.

      I believe in you!

      • avatar Tamala says:

        Can you tell us when and how we will receive the 4-step Formula?
        I am anxious to get started.
        Thank you

        • avatar Muz says:

          Tamala, there’s been alot going on over here but we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

          We’ll be sending you an email on Monday with directions for downloading your free Platinum Pack.

          Congratulations, I hope you can wait until Monday!

          • avatar Tamara Scott says:

            Oh my goodness, this Monday?!? When I used to buy other exercise programs, I wouldn’t even be contacted until about a month later! 🙂

            Uber Thanx for choosing me!! 🙂

  7. avatar Jessica says:

    thank u sooooooooooo much, i eagerly await my copy, it would be nice if i can get your email address so I can let you in on the progress I make,

    Thanks again,
    this means alot to me.

    • avatar Muz says:

      I’ll be in youch with you soon Jessica.

      Very busy around here at the moment as you can imagine.

      I’d love to be updatged on your progress.

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