Day 0: Overweight & Miserable
Muz (Murray) Hughes B.Sc. is a single father and physiotherapist (not a physical therapist) in his 40s.

As his 40th birthday approached, he was in the worst shape of his life and beginning to look old and tired despite many failed attempts at getting into shape.

Given Muz is a university graduated scientist specializing in human anatomy, biochemistry, neurophysiology and bio-mechanics, he decided to conduct his own research project to establish the reasons his weight loss attempts were repeatedly unsuccessful and to create a scientifically substantiated process to follow himself.

Treating it much like a thesis project, over a period of approximately 12 months he spent much of his spare time reading current published research about the mechanisms leading to weight gain, how to reverse them, how to accelerate the weight loss, how to bypass diet fatigue (documented #1 reason for failing at weight loss) and how to transistion the process into a lifestyle for long term weight loss success and satisfaction.

Day 45: Mission Accomplished! (or so I thought)

At the completion of his research, Muz began the scientifically substantiated process he had created, as his own test subject. He reached his defined goals in 45 days and with much satisfaction took this 'after' shot. Feeling his project was successfully completed, he put it to rest and went on with his life in his new healthier body. However, unexpectedly and much to his surprise, he began to observe that the consequences of a program that transistions easily into a lifestyle, which he continues to live, is your body continues to improve.

Day 90: Transformed Again!

And so by day 90, he had again transformed his body, reaching even better condition then he had by day 45.

Following the growing interest in his results from friends and family and the pleading from those around him that wisehd to achieve similar results, he collated his research notes into a book called the 4 Step Formula. At the same time he postulated that if he continues to live the lifestyle which brought him these results, he should continue to improve until he eventually reaches perfect optimal condition for an adult human male... which he now calls the "default shape of a human".

1 Year: 41 & Still Improving!

This is exactly what ocurred, at approximately the 1 year mark from day 0, he felt he was in the best condition possible. Everything Muz discovered during his 2 year process of research, documentation and achieving perfect condition can be found on this site.